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Smiths Electrical (Boston) Ltd

02 - Mar - 2012

Smiths Electrical (Boston) Ltd provide exceptional electrical and solar panel services across Boston

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

A Sustainable Energy Future

Established in 2003, Smiths Electrical (Boston) Ltd are registered NICEIC electrical contractors and fully qualified MCS installers (MCS Registration number NIC2035) specialising in the supply, design and installation of solar panels, solar energy and photovoltaic systems.

Smiths Electrical (Boston) Ltd are members of the REAL assurance scheme and follows strict code of practices, ensuring we engage our business in a fair, honest and professional manner.

We offer you the latest technological innovations at affordable prices, making solar power a practical solution for everyone.

We use the most efficient solar panels available, and design and install technically excellent and appropriate systems.

The Benefits of Solar Electricity

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: solar electricity is a green, renewable energy and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or other pollutants. A typical home PV system could save over 1 tonne of CO2 per year - that's more than 30 tonnes over its lifetime.
  • Cut your electricity bills: sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation your electricity costs will be greatly reduced. A typical home PV system can produce around 50% of the electricity a household uses in a year.
  • Sell electricity back: if your system is producing more electricity than you need, or when you can't use it, someone else can use it - and you could make a bit of money.
  • Generation: The more electricity the system can generate, the more it costs but the more it could save
  • Maintenance is generally small - you'll need to keep the panels relatively clean and make sure trees don't begin to overshadow them.

Solar Servicing / Solar Repair

As with any product - Solar Panels can malfunction or need servicing from time to time.
This should be covered by the company that installed the solar panels unless they are no longer trading or changed their name which invalidates any guarantees.

For people without a valid warranty, we have put together a solar servicing/ solar repair package.

All work is carried out by our solar trained installers who hold a comprehensive accreditation portfolio and work for a government approved solar energy company assuring you a high level of workmanship.

Our packages include:

  • Repairs and Cleaning
  • Solar panel upgrades
  • Parts replacements
  • Controller reprogramming

Enjoy the peace of mind that all of our customers have and start saving money again with your solar panels.

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